Our Story


In 1999, Ray came to the realization that only New Yorkers could get an authentic New York bagel. Knowing that other people across the country would want an authentic New York bagel too, Ray set out to find out what made a New York bagel a New York bagel – THE WATER! Ray still had to find a way to get New York bagels to the rest of the country. That was the moment when Ray had the brilliant idea…

The Freshest New York Bagels and Bialys Are Actually Frozen!

Ray partnered with Bell’s Brooklyn Bagels to develop and produce bagels to sell across the country creating the brand Ray’s New York Bagels. After a few years, Ray added the bialy to the brand. Because most people did not know what a bialy actually was, Ray named the bialy line “What’s a Bialy?” It was a big hit!

As the partnership with Bell’s flourished, Ray’s New York Bagels merged with Bell’s Brooklyn BagelsRay’s products would fill the frozen side, while Bell’s would be sold in the bakery section of supermarkets. Together, the two brands provide affordable and authentic New York bagels and bialys across the nation.

Today, Ray’s and Bell’s products are represented in over 10,000 stores, and everyone can have New York bagels and bialys without leaving their kitchen. As we continue to expand, our fans would agree – The Freshest New York Bagels and Bialys Are Actually Frozen!