New Innovations


At Ray’s we are constantly creating new twists on classic Bialy flavors. We combined the classic Bialy with our super seeded everything bagel and the Bialy Roll was born. Stradling old world flavor with new world applications, the Bialy Roll is delicious and good for every occasion. Whether a breakfast nosh or with a burger for dinner, the Bialy Roll has been an incredible addition to the family of products that we provide.

Through our expansion of the flavor profile of the bialy, we added a kick of spice creating the Jalapeño Bialy. Marrying our savory Bialy with south of the border spice brings an exciting flair to every bite. The Jalapeño Bialy is the perfect item for people who love traditional bialys and are looking for a spicy addition of flavor. 

We are always looking for new ways to improve and to develop new uses for our products. With our innovations we hope to grab foodies who have never tried a Bialy by introducing them to new and exciting flavors. At Ray’s we are looking forward to you enjoying our new Bialy products with more to come!